Well Said: 2020’s extra special day

365体育平台On this week's podcast, sophomore Lauren Stiller talks about turning 5 this weekend, and Jordan Sheely, a senior astrophysics major and science educator at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, explains why we have leap years.

365体育平台There are 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week and 366 days in 2020.

365体育平台“The Earth doesn’t orbit the sun in exactly 365 days. There’s a little bit extra,” said Jordan Sheely, a senior astrophysics major and science educator at . “It’s about 0.24 days, so just about a quarter of a day. Every year we’re behind by just a little bit.”

365体育平台That means people like Carolina sophomore Lauren Stiller only get to celebrate their true birthday every four years.

365体育平台“Every year that passes is basically a fourth of a year for me,” Stiller said. “So, as a 19-year-old I say, ‘I’m 4 and three-fourths.’ I’ll be turning 5 this year.”

On this week’s episode, hear about the little struggles and big celebrations that come with having a rare birthday, and the science behind it.

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