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Here’s what students need to know about voting in the primary election

The University is hosting an on-campus polling location for students living in residence halls at the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History.

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Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and Carolina is working to make it easier for all Tar Heels to be able to cast their ballots.

“There’s a lot of local, state and federal issues that matter to students, like how much money is going to be available for college loans. So, students have a vested interest in the primary,” said Aaron Bachenheimer, Carolina’s executive director of off-campus student life and community partnerships. “The students have the opportunity to have their voices heard in these elections.

Day-of voting locations

The University will host an on-campus polling location at the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History. Students living in the residence halls will be able to cast their votes at the Stone Center on March 3.

365体育平台Students living off-campus should report to their designated polling location. Each voter’s assigned polling location is listed on their voter registration card and can also be found on the

Voter Registration

365体育平台For students planning to vote on March 3, the last day to register was Feb. 7.

Photo ID is not required

365体育平台Voters will not be required to show photo identification for the primary election, but identification that shows proof of county residence is required to register to vote. For more information on voter requirements, visit the .

365体育平台For more campus voting resources and information, visit the .